Latvia | Kurzeme | Aizpute, Pāvilosta | Tebra

Behind Apriķi (B) the river winds through forests and pastures, stream is sufficient for paddling in resting mode. During the second half od summer in this section appears rush groves. They do not interfere paddlers, because in rush are formed peculiar “paths” – waterway in width of a paddling boat. Construction step by step is ending and after about 7 km from Apriķi starts a section what is called by paddlers as “Dinosaur Park”. Large and crooked trees bent over the stream form a dark shade, here are unexpectedly large individual stones, faded trunks of dead-wood and can be heard unsatisfied cry of osprey - at this section it cannot be overlooked even by the most inattentive paddler. “There was a feeling like a dinosaur will soon run over the river” – this was said by one experienced paddler.

 Behind the “Dinosaur Park” the Tebra literally captures paddlers in trap of one and a half kilometre length. Flow of the river stops, it tries to flow through the swamp. Rushes, orchard grass and gray alder create a clear association with the Florida swamps, only instead of alligators here the beavers are reigning. At this section you should paddle harder and have to deal with it, because at the end the reward if waiting for you – after wide ninety-degree left bend the landscape changes completely and the river reaches mighty fir forest. Here the fastest section of the Tebra begins - about 2 km long cascade of continuous rapids and small dolomite falls. The most beautiful 14 km of the Tebra are paddled.