Latvia | Kurzeme | Aizpute, Pāvilosta | Tebra

One day trip till Pāvilosta.

Behind the Tauriņi (Kalnenieki) bridge (E) the flow of the river completely ceases. Tebra has finished its run and now it calmly flows the last 7km to the confluence with the Durbe river through overgrown alder groves. It seems that the river has exhausted all its forces.

After confluence (F) with Durbe there is born new and 6.3 km short river - Saka. The landscape is changing, it is felt proximity to the sea. Old pile berths, distillery chimneys, nets and motorboats. Railway bridge, elegant staircase of the castle that in Upesmuiža park leads almost to the water (the castle was burned down in riots of 1905) and then is Pāvilosta. There remains paddling along the small fishing boats, a marina, and right there is already end of piers and the sea.