Latvia | Kurzeme | Liepaja, Nīca


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The Bārta is excellent river for recreation trips. A small, but all the time constant drop almost up to Nīca, beautiful landscapes, islands and islets, sometimes funny and interesting construction, ancient and not so ancient touch of history.

The Bārta River flows into Latvia from Lithuania, where it is called as Bartuva, but it ends its flow in the Liepaja Lake.

 Most popular routes

LT/LV border – Nīca–39.4 km 2-3 days

Bārta village– Nīca–20.2 km 2 days

Vīles bridge –Nīca – 13.9 km 1 day

Mazkalēti bridge (the Vārtāja River) – Bārta village – 15.7km 1 day