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36 2 0- 0 Brasla Rozula - Ieteka Gaujā  

Behind Rozula the Brasla River becomes similar to the river seen near Plācis. It flows through the conifer forest, and although there are still lots of obstacles in the river, they can be bypassed in an easier manner.

 Classical section of the Brasla River begins at Plācis(D). 3 km up to Straupe(E) it winds through coastal landscape typical for Latvian rivers, with a thick deciduous forest, where time by time some house roof can be seen. Closer to Straupe the forest is stepping back, giving place for this ancient Hanseatic town. Shortly before Vējiņi settlement and kingdom of underground lakes, the firstsandstone outcrops appear. In dry summers when the water level is low, there are potentially very shallow places up to the road bridge of A3 (Riga –Valmiera)(F), but this does not reduce the beauty of the Brasla. Clear water, yellow spatterdocks, some low outcrops and houses from time to time. At “Mārkulīči” settlement (1 km before the bridge of A3 road) the Brasla is crossed by an interesting bridge of “dancingropes”, walking on which can return the mobility in limbs after sitting in the canoe for a long time.

 Very often tourists choose to end their route along the Brasla at bridge of A3 road (F). This is definitely wrong, because the most beautiful section of the Brasla River starts exactly here. Ending the route at A3 bridge is the same as to decide to go with a car from Riga to Sigulda and to pour fuel only what is sufficient for a trip to Vangaži. 1.3 km behind bridge of A3 road is located Brasla HPP and fish hatchery. Event the flush until it is picturesque, a pond surrounded by pink sandstone outcrops. After HPP the Brasla starts its run toward the Gauja River, and this is considered the most beautiful section of the Brasla. Outcrops follow one another, banks are wild and surrounded by large forest. There are nice shoals with small stones and nice beaches. After 8.2 km the Brasla flows into the Gauja(G), and this is a great opportunity to continue a trip up to Sigulda (+ 14km).