Latvia | Rīgas, Vidzeme | Sigulda, Valmiera, Carnikava, Cēsis | Gauja
40 2 031 0 Gauja Cēsis - Sigulda  

One of the most popular two-day leisure routes that runs in the entire length through the Gauja National Park. Riverbanks are decorated with a glamorous rock outcrops and rocks. Briedīši, Vecupe, Edernieku, Leimaņu, Spriņģu, Katrīnas, Gūdu, Launaga rocks and other glamorous outcrops and caves. Majestic Ķūķu cliffs and rapids in several grades will spirit the paddlers. The destination of the route is Līgatne ferry crossing – the only ferry of this type in the Baltic States, which is still running. After Līgatne there begins calmer section. Closer to Sigulda it becomes really calm and almost at every turn will be able to see Turaida castle. We recommend to enjoy natural and cultural objects by getting out of the paddling boats and walking, it is worth to see Kvēpene oak and Līgatne nature trails, as well as to step on the Gleznotāju hill (Painters’ hill) in Sigulda.