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Užava river route download for mobile devices (android/iphone)

Užava (also called Dižupe, Zirgmežupe; river Mazkaiba or Mālupe in its upper course; Bumbuļupe in its mid-course) flows into the Baltic sea below Užava village. It starts from draining ditches between Gudenieki and Basi manor. It flows through Piemare (Littorina Sea bed) and Ventava Plains. The most of the course, except for the section between Tērande and Sise, has been regulated, the river bed was straightened during the first Republic of Latvia and in Soviet time. Out of 67 km, 31 km are suitable for canoeing - from the right bank of the confluence Vanka to the sea. In summer the water in the river is clear, and it has rich underwater flora and fauna. The course to Užava village is good. The river bottom is sanded, there is rough gravel and stones in some places. The river bottom is covered by loam and grey sand closer to the sea. The shores are sandy or clayey, with signs of severe erosion, 1 - 2m high and overgrown with deciduous trees. There are mostly willow shrubs on the shores in the drained sections You can travel on the river Užava by canoe and kayak. Previous paddling experience is mandatory under conditions of elevated water level! Well-designed camp sites can only be found at the beginning of the route – in Stradži and in a number of places at the end of the route – in Užava village and just before the sea, so it is recommended to complete canoeing along Užava in one day by adopting a fast and sporty pace. When canoeing, you will see kilometre point to the sea on bridges and other landmarks! Most popular routes: Stradži - jūra - 31 km - 1-2 dienas Sises tilts - jūra - 19 km - 1 diena