Latvia | Kurzeme | Užava

After the Sise bridge (C) the river straightens rapidly, and the drainage consequences are clearly visible. Absolutely straight 5km long sections are rich in fish and the surrounding fauna. There may be trees fallen across the river and drifts, but the most of them can be circumnavigated or crossed over. The course almost stops before Užava village and the river is very slow during the last 3km to the sea, you can hear the sea roaring afar. The river flows along the sea for the last 500m, you can see the dunes and behind them - the beach and the sea. There is a foot bridge across the river right before the sea with hanging fishing tackles and lamprey traps; stay on the right - it is usually free for canoeing. The route ends at the spot where the rivers flow into the sea. There is an easily accessible berth space on the right shore and the Latvian State Forests resting area.