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Abava is reasonably considered a classic of paddling rivers of Latvia. In summer season the river is calm throughout its paddling route, without insurmountable barriers or rapids, therefore great for everyone - families with children and those who haven't been in a boat before. Only 92 of 129 km from the river are suitable for paddling.

The Abava river is usually divided in two parts – the "civilized" one and the "wild" one. Civilized part is considered to be from Kandava (B) to Renda (G) (49, 5 km), but the wild one – from Renda (G) to the mouth of the river Venta and L. Nabes lake (42km).

When paddling into the Venta river follow your boat rental company's recommendations. Most probobly you will need to continue along the Venta (6,8km) and Nabe-channel (1.5 km) to the Big Nabe lake camping site "Nabīte '( H ) or across the lake (900 m) to the Southern bank (I).

The most popular routes

Kandava - Sabile - 23.5 km

Sabile - Renda - 26 km

Waterfall of the Abava river - Renda - 20.6 km

Renda - Venta river - Nabe lake 42 km

  •  You can paddle on the Abava river with all kinds of boats;
  • "River collectors" can extend the routes by getting in boats by the Vaski bridge (motorway P104 Tukums - Jaunpils). Here you have to be ready for shallow and impossible places.
  • In routes from Kandava to Renda, getting from the start and to the finish points can be scheduled by public transportation.
  • When you paddle, you can find directions on trees on river banks and other markers that show you the distance to Renda and further to Venta.
  • Respect the private property and protect the nature, leave the camp sites clean and tidy, take the garbage with you! The Abava river between Kandava and up to the mouth of the Venta river flows through Abava nature park area.