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50 2 1170 0 Abava Kandava (B) - Renda (G)  

Near Kandava (B) the river is very winding and at its first kilometres you may think why did you even come here? And just at that moment the boat is rapidly tolerated under unfinished bridge and shoots through the first Abava overfall. Shores of Abava here resembles a Tuscan landscape with grape fields on the slopes.

 Further on the paddling becomes much more interesting, as the river begins to flow through a wide valley and the landscape around it becomes more and more picturesque. In the stretch till Sabile (D), there are many well-appointed reasting areas and tourist attractions.

 Sabile (D) is definitely worth a stop to stroll through the small town or buy some treats.

 After Sabile (D), the Abava river becomes much calmer and slowly flows through a forest. Shores become steeper and first cliffs (approx. 15m high) start to appear. The slow flow of 6 km is stopped by Waterfall on the Abava river (Abavas Rumba) (E) - a meter high waterfall that has stretched across the width of the river.

After the waterfall, the river's speed increases and you start to feel a bit of wilderness. Overfalls mixes with each other and nature overtakes the river. Ducks, beavers, deer's, herons, storks and hawks become nothing extraordinary. In some parts river passes sand dunes.

 Around Renda (G) the Abava river returns to civilization. Already 6 km before the bridge of Renda the flow of the river becomes really calm and some houses located on the shores start to appear. In Renda the "civilized" part ends and the "wild" one starts. Paddlers do not have one opinion if the most beautiful stretch of the Abava river is from Kandava to Renda or from Renda to the mouth of the Venta river.