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The Abava stretch is known as the wild one. The river flows through the mostly deserted territories, only when approaching Venta, houses appear

Slow flow continues 5 km after Renda (G), until it is stopped by the first rapids. Moreover, the scenery changes completely. Shores that were overgrown with shrubs and deciduous trees are replaced by coniferous trees, river-bed becomes stony, but the water becomes clear. Below Renda to where Abava flows into the Venta river there are almost no buildings. However, there are many sites where you can do the camping, overfalls are being mixed with slower stretches, the banks of larger and smaller sandstone and dolomite cliffs follow one after another, some of them are overgrown and not as easily visible, watch closely! If you stay calm, you can meet many wild animals.

 Approaching Venta, the Abava river becomes narrower, deeper and swifter. Approximately 30m high cliff Galmicu is a good landmark 5 km before the mouth of the Venta river. Those who just remembered that they have not managed to take a picture of anything, can still have time to take beautiful photos.

When paddling into the Venta river follow your boat rental company's recommendations, and either stop paddling at the place where the Abava flows into the Venta river or continue along the path of the Venta (6,8km) and Nabe-channel (1.5 km) to the Big Nabe lake camping site "Nabīte '( H) or across the lake (900 m) to the Southern bank (I).